The Story of the Screw

The story of the Smokin' Screw started in 2017 when founder and CEO Steve was home after a long ski weekend, struggling to clean his pipe. The traditional wire screens he had were too hard to use. A natural inventor and chemical engineer by trade, Steve headed out to his garage to see if he could invent a better screen.A few months of iterations, lots of product testing, and some early user feedback and Steve was ready to hit his first trade show.Today, Smokin' Screws is a small, family run business. We manufacture the Smokin' Screw with stainless steel metal, here in the United States. We're proud to be American made, and serve the greater North American market. Whenever possible, we look to employ veterans and members of our community.We're currently open to partnerships and distributorships. If you're interested in carrying Smokin' Screws, get in touch at info [!at]

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